Holiday Giving

Dec 15, 2016 | Uncategorized

Holiday Giving

Photo by Gord Goble

$1,000 lotto win spent at Auxiliary Thrift Store

Lindsay Vukicevic has spread some holiday cheer across her Delta community.  Vukicevic’s winnings came from a BC Lotto campaign asking contestants to describe how they would spend a thousand dollars in just one day.

As reported in the Delta Optimist (Ian Jacques, Nov. 30, 2016), Vukicevic wanted her shopping spree to benefit her community.  In particular, she was eager to help out the residents of the KinVillage care home in Tsawwassen.  With Christmas around the corner, she looked to the Delta Hospital Auxiliary’s Thrift Store for inspiration:

“I wrote in my essay that I would buy decorations and things to make the facility more fun and inviting and that I wanted to buy stuff from a local charitable thrift store because, for one, the money would go further and, two, the money would go to a good cause, so it would be like doing two generous things at once.”

Delta Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store

Delta Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store

This kindly act caught the attention of Delta Auxiliary’s public relations coordinator, Elaine Canning.

“Our thrift store receives many special donations but what Lindsay has done really stands out.  Not only is she helping out a local care home but she is also supporting the Auxiliary thrift store, the Delta Hospital and our wider community.  It’s a great example of community organizations connecting with one another in support of healthcare.”

Also pleased was Lynda Avis, president of the BC Association of Healthcare Auxiliaries.

“I was delighted to hear of this inspiring story and its true spirit of giving.  All Auxiliary thrift shops are an integral part of the fabric of the communities in which they operate and we appreciate that Lindsay chose an Auxiliary thrift shop to purchase items that will ultimately benefit others.”

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