The Auxiliary to The Overlander Extended Care Hospital

President/ Beverly Warner

The Auxiliary to the Overlander Extended Care Hospital’s mission is to provide specialized medical, recreational, and therapeutic equipment and services to enhance the quality of life, physically, mentally and spiritually for the residents of the Overlander Long Term Care Facility. This is specialized equipment that Interior Health does not provide. We have bought many specialized air pressure mattress, specialized physio cushions for both beds and wheelchairs, specialized broda wheelchairs, snoozelen equipment for recreation therapy, juke boxes for music for the residents, musical equipment, iPad , tv’s  just to name a few.

For fundraising, our Auxiliary runs a small gift shop within Overlander Long Term Care Facility, we have 1 to 2 raffles per year to raise money,  we have a yearly Wheelathon fundraiser, we apply yearly to gaming for a community grant in order to purchase medical, recreational, and therapeutic equipment for the 180 residents of the Overlander Long Term Care Facility and our attached 4 bed  Trinity Hospice Unit that is run by Overlander staff. The hospice unit is run under the communities section but is a wing of the Overlander Long Term Care Facility. We also greatly reply on non profit charitable organizations for donations as well as donations from family and friends of our residents.

In the last 44years we have raised over one million dollars in donations for the facility.  Our numbers are now greatly reduced and a lot of fundraisers, syce as the annual yard sale in the past are now extinct. We had an amazing craft group that met every Tuesday and created amazing crafts to sell in our gift shop, but now it is also no longer in operation.