Revelstoke has had three Auxiliaries serve Queen Victoria Hospital. In the 1890’s a group of women, wives of leaders and professional men of the city met and discussed to promote the need for a Hospital in the Community. On July 19,1901 the Ladies Auxiliary to Queen Victoria Hospital was formed and they collected a total of $1,172.63. In 1918 a group of young women formed the “Girls Auxiliary to Queen Victoria Hospital”, as the years went by the girls became Grandmothers, so in 1947 they voted to change this now inappropriate name to “The Junior Hospital Auxiliary.” In 1948 a large group of young Mothers saw a need and organized the “Nursery Auxiliary to the Queen Victoria Hospital”. In 1970 Queen Victoria Hospital was opened. In 1973 amalgamation of the two remaining Auxiliaries occurred Auxiliary Board Representative liaising with Auxiliary executives in November. The Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary came to being January 1964, and on November 5,1999 we became incorporated. To this present day we are known as the Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Society.

The Revelstoke Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store is what supports us to be able to donate to our local hospital and any other societies that have to do with healthcare in our community. In 2020 we donated $ 181,770.70 to our community and Queen Victoria Hospital. We do 2 $1500 bursaries yearly for students entering the medical field in university. Currently we have approx. 95 members.