100th Anniversary for Auxiliary to UHNBC

Mar 29, 2019 | Uncategorized

In 1919, in the aftermath of World War 1 and amid a flu pandemic, a group of dedicated women formed the Prince George Ladies Auxiliary. In the 1920s, the Auxiliary raised funds for a much-needed X-ray machine. During the Depression, they stored food items and produce for patients and used a horse and buggy to collect donations. The building of new hospitals in 1947, 1960 and 1994, and the opening of a Thrift Shop in 1959, brought further opportunities to capitalize on change.

A commemorative booklet titled “100 Years Strong” highlights two impressive statistics. Over its long history, the Auxiliary has raised $5,642,000 for its hospital and over 1,062,000 volunteer hours have accumulated since first being recorded in the 1970s:

“The Auxiliary has grown as our hospital has grown, from small beginnings to the strong and vibrant Auxiliary we are today. As Auxiliary volunteers you can be proud of the many volunteers before you who built the foundation that is now “100 years strong!”

In a recent blog, Lorrelle Hall,  EA to the Chief of Communications with Northern Health, aptly acknowledges the Auxiliary’s century of service and spirit of volunteerism:

“If you’ve ever walked through the doors at UHNBC as a patient, a visitor, or as an employee, you’ll have seen Auxiliary volunteers in their pink smocks, or burgundy vests, doing what they do best: helping others. They’ll direct you to the room of a loved one or the friend you’re visiting, check you in for appointments at clinics, or help you through the gift shop in the hospital atrium, a hidden gem in my opinion!

I believe volunteers are a huge part of what makes this, and any, community thrive. Whether times were good or extremely hard, these volunteers continue to be the smiles that greet you and the helping hands that guide you where you need to go… If you see one of these wonderful people, please thank them for their service.  Thank you, Auxiliary!”

BCAHA’s 2019 AGM & Conference will be held at the Coast Inn of the North, in Prince George, April 14 – 17. “Capitalizing on Change” – the conference theme – points to the ability of Auxiliaries to adjust and adapt, an attribute that can be seen and celebrated in Auxiliaries across the province.

(For the commemorative booklet – “100 Years Strong” – please Click Here, and to see Lorrelle Hall’s full article: Click Here)

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